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People Program welcomes you!

We have two convenient sites in Greater New Orleans - one on 2240 Lakeshore Dr. and the other on the West Bank 6201 Stratford Place (Holy Spirit Catholic Church)!

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Main Campus, West Bank Campus
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One of the best kept secrets in New Orleans, People Program is a non-profit membership organization for persons 50 years old and over who are looking for creative ways to spend leisure time.  Sponsored ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph, currently there are almost 500 members enrolled of diverse backgrounds, ranging from ages 50 to 90.  Over 100 varied courses are offered and include exercise, computer, dance, art, needlework, crafts, games, languages, music, and more.  For a flat membership fee of $150, you can take as many classes as you'd like at both campuses!

Who: Active adults age 50 and older
Cost: Membership fee for Spring is $150.
Info: Call (504) 284-7678

Register for the 2021 Spring semester!

People Program Spring Semester starts
January 18 and runs through April 23.

Registration begins Monday December 14

Upcoming Events

Registration for Virtual Spring Classes begin December 14, 2020

Registration forms can be downloaded on this webpage and mailed to:

People Program
2240 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA  70122

Please call us at 504-284-7678 with any questions

2021 Spring Registration Form

Membership fee for Spring is $150

Spring Session Dates:
Monday, January 18, 2021 - Friday, April 23, 2021


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Register for our Virtual Spring 2021 Courses. Come be part of this exciting experience with People Program, Courses include Brushless Painting, Ukranian Easter Egg Design, Walk With Weights, The Art of Quilling, Mindfulness Meditation, Enneagram – A tool for Transformation and so many more. Sign up today for the courses you are interested in.

See our COURSE CATALOG for complete detail listing
(Check Course Catalog for classes with book requirements.)

2021 Spring Registration Form

VIRTUAL Spring Course Catalog 2021
(Check Course Catalog for classes with book requirements.)

Alignment For Happiness
This is a reading and discussion class based on two books: Solve For Happy Engineer Your Path To Joy by Mo Gawdat AND Happy Money The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money by Ken Honda

All About Wine - 8 weeks 1/20-3/17
This course has returned from the summer and fall sessions for 8 weeks. Topics will include types and styles of wine, how to pair with foods, how to read a label and much more valuable and fun information.

Alzheimer’s: The Science of Prevention
A video series narrated by Dr. David Perlmutter on the latest developments on how to protect your brain from Alzheimer’s.

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman - 8 weeks 1/20-3/17
Book is required and available in the library as print, e-book or audiobook
and through Amazon.

Beginning French
Are you a first-time French learner or brushing up on your forgotten high-school French? By using a Duolingo classroom App, this class is fun, interactive, self-paced and non-threatening. Supplemental exercises, word games, and short videos will also be provided as well as an insight into various French-speaking cultures. The instructor will provide you with the Duolingo set up instructions and classroom code at the beginning.

Craft Workshop
Part 1: 5 weeks 1/21, 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/25 Polymer Clay: Canes
A polymer clay cane is a log of polymer clay that’s made with a design that runs the entire length of the log. Slices from the cane will reveal a design and all slices from the cane will have identical designs. When slices of polymer clay canes are arranged to make a field of flowers, this can be called millefiori.

Part 2: 5 weeks 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 4/8, 4/15 Felt and Wire Wreath
An airy wreath for your door (inside or out) or to hang on the wall or prop on a shelf.

Current Events
Each week there will be a discussion of what’s happening the week before in the news (local theatre productions, major events, etc.) Politics may be discussed but only in a general news way. There will be no endorsing of candidates or specific political parties.

Enneagram – A tool for Transformation: Level 2
6 weeks 1/21-3/4 Participants will need to have some background in the Enneagram and will need to have defined their type prior to taking this class. During this 6 week class, participants will delve deeper into the ways we tend to move around the Enneagram map, consciously or unconsciously, and will leave with a deeper understanding of their movement towards transformation. The Enneagram is a tool in understanding our true self - the self God created and how the self created by our domestication interferes with God’s creation.

Environmental Issues Part 2
Environmental science will study the structure of ecosystems and then the human impact on the water, nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus cycles. Global warming, the ozone layer, agricultural practices, recycling, mineral use and sustainable practices will also be covered.

Dreams are the unconscious contents trying to make their way to consciousness. John Stanford describes them as God's forgotten language. And that is the challenge of dreams, how to understand their language, interpret them, or to make sense of Dreams that seem to be fantastical. Dreams are best understood as symbolic representation from the unconscious, a consciousness that many would say is wiser than our ego consciousness.

Exploring Dreams
In this class we will look at dream structure and begin to explore what is meant by symbolic language, and the importance of dream imagery even without necessarily "interpreting the dream". But yes, we will try to interpret the many layers of dreams. I will bring dreams and we may try to interpret some of the group member's dreams.

Family History Detective
Inspiration from Real-Life Journeys – 10 weeks

Are you a beginner or advanced genealogist? Or perhaps you’re hesitant to jump into your gene pool? This class will entertain and encourage you to find those hidden family gems. Real-life stories take you on a journey of family discoveries through practical applications that will inspire you to become your family’s detective and hero. Discover the power and joys of connection!

Genealogy Using Computers: Interm. (no beginners)
Must have had Genealogy Basics or have been building a family tree using Ancestry.com or equivalent. Continue your searches, share information and learn new things with Phyllis !!

Google Play
Explore free Google resources. Must have a gmail Google account.

History Of Classical Music
This is classical music, from its earliest days to modern times. There will be plenty of examples, mostly audio, some audio/video. Each class will have a virtual handout describing that day’s music, listing the musical works, the composers, the performers, and interesting facts.

Jin Shin Jyutsu - Self Help
Harmonizing the body to feel better anytime.

Journey of the Soul:
A Fresh Look at Life, Death, and the Rest – in Peace

Six 60 minute sessions 2/2 – 3/16 Textbook req’d
Who hasn’t wondered what happens when we die? We know what happens to the body. But what happens to the soul at birth and again at death?
- Is there really a “better” place after this one?
- Do our loved ones continue to connect with us ?
- Can I relate to an afterlife if I’m not spiritual ?
At once practical and powerful, reflective and relatable, Journey of the Soul teaches a Jewish perspective on life that begins before birth and lasts well after a person’s passing.

Kindness Matters
This is a reading and discussion class based on two books: The Rabbit Effect- Live Longer, Happier and Healthier with the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness by Kellie Harding AND Dare To Be Kind- How Extraordinary Compassion Can Transform Our World By Lizzie Velasquez

Mah Jong
Have fun playing online at myjong.net. You will be contacted by instructors with details on how to connect and get your card. An exciting game played with tiles. It is likened to an “oriental Rummy”. The ideal setup is 4 handed but 2 or as many as 5 participants may compete. The People Program teaches the rules of the National Mahjongg League. It is always played without partners. The skill and luck of the individual makes a winner.

Managing Yor Health 2.0 – Being Healthy at home
All welcome. New topics including sleep in older adults, obesity and vaccinations.

Mindfulness Meditation
The purpose of this course is to introduce the participants to mindfulness meditation as a practice for living a happier and less stressful day by addressing mental habits that increase our propensity to anger, hate and general dissatisfaction in life. Measurable results can be a quieter mind, more tolerance, les judgement, better sleep, lower stress, higher attention and chronic pain reduction among many others.

Mining The Meaning of the Bible 3 classes
This course will be an introduction to how we interpret the meaning of the Scriptures. Session One will be a general introduction to the method we use in the Roman Catholic Church; Session Two will be an overview of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and Session Three will be an overview of the New Testament/Christian Bible.

Old Testament Cont’d
Having completed 90% of Genesis, the course will move on to the book of Exodus. Students will be oriented to necessary skills and awareness’s in reading the Hebrew Scripture. The focal point is always what do we learn about God (attributes of God)? About humankind? And the relationship between the two (salvation history). Reading assignments are to be expected. We will continue subsequent OT books through the Pentateuch.

River Of Fire by Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ
7 weeks 1/18 – 3/8 Book Req’d This class will involve the reading of the life story of Helen Prejean, CSJ. Her book can be purchased through The Catholic Bookstore on Carrolton Ave. Sr. Helen will launch the first class and will follow-up in last class with questions and comments. The other classes will be journaling and sharing after reading parts of the book. This will be led by mediator Maureen Walsh.

Short Fiction – Book Req’d
Norton Anthology Of Fiction 6th Edition Abe Books has it for about $5 plus tax. Web site is http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetails

The Art of Quilling Part 2 No new students
Also known as paper filigree, this art involves using strips of paper that are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs. Your creations can be used to decorate greeting cards, pictures, boxes, eggs etc.

Ukranian Easter Egg Design
Pysanky means “to write” the design on a blown egg. The eggs are decorated by a complicated process akin to Batik. Melted bees wax is applied with a stylus to the blown egg. The egg is dipped into a succession of dye baths. Between each dipping, wax is applied over areas where previous color is to remain. After the final color has set, wax is rubbed off and a glaze is applied. Make beautiful, one of a kind Easter eggs !!!

Why Is New Orleans Different?
Join Greg McKnight for a presentation/discussion about all the things that make The Big Easy so unlike any other place. There are wonderful stories to be shared.

Wisdom Ways Of Knowing 2 (Practices) by Cynthia Bourgeault
Book req’d and familiarity with it will be helpful. This course will explore wisdom tools suggested by the author, such as sacred chanting, lectio divina, centering prayer, meditation, labyrinth walking and practices of presence and surrender.

Writing and Marketing Short Fiction Stories
This course will examine the definition of short fiction story genres; delve into the structures most commonly used in the genres; explore samples of short fiction and look at the market and the methods and opportunities available to become published. The class is an opportunity for those who are writing regularly to work in the short fiction genre and to jump start work on longer genres such as novellas and novels. Student work will be shared and critiqued during a portion of each class meeting.

Course covers major battles in Europe and Pacific, as well as home front endeavors

Please investigate purchasing a used book at a used book seller or a kindle edition...


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To become a volunteer instructor or for more information, please call 504-284-7678, email: info@peopleprogram.org.


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